two hundred!

this would be my 250th blog entry haha

before we practice for our dance.. we played scrabble first (me,diane and clarrence; imee was our scorer) .. quite fun anyway plus very uhmm.. educational. i usually come up with some ridiculous words like: moron & nerd hahaha

the overall winner was Diane got a total points of 180 + followed by me with 130+ or 140? (gosh i cant remember) haha.. then of course followed by clarrence

then the school bell rang means its time to practice for our dance well quite frankly i do admit im not good at dancing cause i HATE it! i was only forced to do it anyway..

after practicing we go back at our classrooms again and watch some movies.. we first watched "Sydney White" gosh! the movie is so NICE!!!!!!!!!! and then after that we watched "The Hills have eyes 2"

the movie "the hills have eyes 2" is such a GORE and thrilling movie. i remember one scene when theirs this super shocking scene then all of a sudden "A" screams and i ended up screaming too haha
theirs this scene when the girl touches the zombie-like-creature's brain! ekkk!

after we finished watching the movie i decided to give myself a break
laila, diane, clarrence and imee were playing 1,2,3 pass (cards) .. since i didnt have anthing to do i decided to join them and so is raichelle and isabel

we played really loud like our mouths and lungs were about to burst cause we keep screaming. to make the game more exciting we decided to put some powder on the loser or the monkey's face

the very first start of the game i got monkey-ied ~gah . but laila got monkey-ied A LOT OF TIMES! ....

and so on and so forth.... laila then quit cause she's tired and then followed by isabel. raichelle then move to where laila was sitting, then all the mishap transfered to raichelle so she got monkey-ied many times!

we were like~ "the spirit of laila is still on the chair" thats why raichelle got monkey-ied (we were joking) .. so then again we go down to the gym campus to start the general practice for the dance. we werent allowed to wear our shoes and socks so we go bare footed at the most disgusting cold floor you've ever stride in

afterwards we eat icecream from Baskin Robins, my money didnt fit much of the increased price in the icecream *cursed that skunk* i only have SR4 good thing Diane gave me SR2 so i can buy my icecream in cone! WOOOTS! xiexie ni!

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