my random blog opening

hi ive created a random blog with a new design
no ripping and spamming~


do link me if you want

i need your help.. mind voting my friend in friendster? please do vote.. just one click will do..
just type in the comments "b13 times 2" really will appreciate if you help me vote for him (btw click on the next album) b stands for boy

it will only take 3 seconds of your time to vote so please vote do help my friend


click here


edward cullen IS SOOO 잘생긴 !!!!

gonna wait for the movie!

i watched "Wowowee" today.. the winning jackpot prize is a total of BING!BING!BING!


that's really a lot of money if you ask me. I mean if i won 50 million i dont even know what to do with it.. well.. maybe i do haha first of all ill help my parents, my family to finish school and what so ever to buy this and that

then second im ready to give parts to charity hehe

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