new domain & foundation day.

ok im back with a new blogskin.. so anyway dont rip alright. ive got nothing to say much about this skin but still its wordpress and Jershel inspired.

about my past layout, i dont know if i should submit it at blogskins community cause i think
out of 100%, 30-40% would remove the credit page

anyway just tag me if you want it

im about to type here what happened in our school's 20th foundation day
Warning: this is a super long post with lots of pictures

october 17, 2008
ARGH! ~ my head is totally BLANK! i cant remember anything except when i was dancing the pearls on my head fall over Gosh~

it was around 7:20 when i arrived at the school. when i was there i look freakin' lost, i keep find isabel and shel and yet i cant find them anywhere i nearly busted my chops ~

heres a picture, my mom toke this pic thats why its kinda blurry

after the parade thing; me, isay, shel and diane went back to the classroom and played around like a bunch of crazy people..

i took a video when isay was mocking shel's crush and vice versa

watch video ▼

then afterwards a jerk named Shrek walked right into our classroom, out of the blue Shrek strip right in front of us **EWWW** well not literally strip in from of us he take off his shirt without even letting us have the chance to get out of the room, i saw his enormous belly and so are the others~ LIKE HELLO! why not go and strip in the CR! and hes not even facing the wall...

what he thinks his body like brad pitt?! HAHAHA!

all 4 of us go like "WTF?!" what he needs is a good kick in the rear and a slap on the face cause he always talks to himself.

after our foundation day, me, my lil bro and my parents eat out at "Foodruckers" (i forgot the spelling) in Rashid mall...

their Washroom is soooo NICE! look ~ its sleek, clean & so pink~

at "foodruckers"

behold some mouthwatering foods .. sorry if i had to let you see these pictures especially when your hungry make believe its really and eat it out right infront of your screen


"bacon and swiss"

"steak and shrimp"
12 ounce center cut steak and sauteed cajun seasoned shrimp served with fresh steamed veggies and baked potato

the "Appetizer platter" my so-favorite dish
with chili cheese fries, buffalo wings, fried cheese, chicken tenders and onion rings served with sauces for dipping


so anyway.. i bought another issue of "Shout mag" with a free gift inside

look laila! panda cd! haha

the all time collection of jughead comics

....okay so this is uhmmm.. goosebumps collection?

quite childish so anyway~ i so want to read the twilight book!!

october 20-22,2008 - the ultimate misery days where you have to study every single thing without having to go online ~gah

*the super long post topped off with lots of picture*

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