burn it DOWN!

i freakinly want to burn that parent's room corner in our school! such low life! they create scandal that's why our school is the one responsible like 4 years back something happened! BECAUSE of THEM! well some of them actually ..

they make gossips and even the slightest thing they made it like its a very big deal to them! they are like worser then the students~ or us haha .. I WANT TO BURN IT DOWN!!!


haha.. i didnt know babe and baby is pronounced differently

if i were given the chance to be the principal of the school, the first thing ill do is to burn that room down!!

such GOSSIPERS and STORY MAKERS! damn pissing! they are mature enough to think properly but they act as if they own the school and judge every single student that pass their way.. shhheeesh!

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i fall asleep at the bus today, i dunno why but i was staring at something but not really looking at it then i suddenly feel my eye lids getting heavier and then i unexpectedly fall asleep

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