this is a RIPPER! she ripped my personal blogskin and edited it for me not to notice it


its obviouse she downloaded my personal blogskin that got ripped and submitted in blogskins.com. if you notice the navigations it looks like mine before i changed it to an image tab navigation..

look here for the image

i would say this is my header! she changed the background for me not to noticed it

this was my navigation when my personal blogskin got ripped before i changed them to an image tab one!

AND THIS! isn't this like my notice in my tagboard?

seriously she MODIFIED my personal blogskin that she ripped thinking it would hide her from knowing she ripped me! YOU CANT HIDE FROM ME!! i know my works well!

last time me and agnes scolded for ripping and she got scared so she locked her blog and now she opened it back and saying she locked her blog cause of exams (such a lame excuse)

next topic~

tomorrow would be our school's MINI FAIR! im super excited cause its really fun though i don't feel like it but anyway..

there would be a food booth, jail booth, movie booth, dedication booth and many more..

ill bring along my camera for sure haha

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