Blogger challenge accepted

I'm gonna do the 2 weeks Tumblr Challenge by ☞ dancewithjay but i'll change it to Blogger instead of Tumblr since i rarely post anything in tumblr.

Day 1: 7 things you succeed at.
Day 2: 7 things you fail at.
Day 3: 6 websites you use on a daily basis.
Day 4: 6 song titles that describe your life from beginning to NOW!

Day 5: 5 things you are afraid of.
Day 6: 5 things you do to cope with life.
Day 7: 4 things you would save in a fire.
Day 8: 4 bad habits.

Starting from tomorrow *not that anyone cares*

1 comment:

    sorry i didnt msg you on fb in sooo long .
    just wanted to let you know that i'm back in the blogging scene and i have a new URL .
    http://th-evilmastermind.blogspot.com <3
    i'll readd you .
    linkk mee<3


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.