Challenge complete

Since i missed all these day 5-8 blogger/tumblr challenge because of school work then i'll just compete it now. hehehehee.

Day 5: 5 things you are afraid of.

1. Cockroach
2. Getting a failing grade
3. Terror professors
4. Running out of money :P
5. Math

Day 6: 5 things you do to cope with life.
1. Stay low-profile
2. Keep your stupid irrelevant opinions to yourself
3. Always have a clear mind of your goals
4. Be optimistic at all times
5. Last but not the least, Always pray to God and have faith in him

Day 7: 4 things you would save in a fire.
1. My Wallet! of course! :)) that would be the first thing i would be looking for
2. Computer / Laptop
3. Itouch
4. My scrapbook / diary
5. If i still have time then some clothes :P

Day 8: 4 bad habits.
1. Biting ballpens if i'm nervous
2. Constantly touching my hair if i'm nervous/shy? :)) (I'm ususally not like this! blame my friend Laila) HAHAHA :))))
3. Pigging out even when im not hungry
4. Excessive procastination

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  1. natawa ko dun huh...bliname mo pa si laila...:))))


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