twenty-e11ven resolutions

When 2009 ended i made my 2010 New Year's Resolution

1. Study more and participate in class i think i did?
2. Sleep early fail! can't sleep at all esp if im not tired
3. spend less time in the internet like as if
4. Reach 300 followers (HEHE) yey!! ♥ all my followers
5. Be more active in blogger world i've been busy (lazy) lately
6. Save at least Php 12,000 by the end of 2010 FAIL!!
7. Grow 6-7 inches of hair
8. LG KS360
9. Get a digital perm
10. Pass all my subjects especially my upcoming semester

New Years Resolution no 9. YEAH! i did manage to get like 6-7 inches of hair but right at the mids of december i decided to get a trim (which i totally regret btw) at Ystilo Salon cause don't want to go to Tony & Jackey cause its too expensive and JUST BADLY WANT TO TRIM MY ENDS!!! Just the ENDS no haircut and shit.

I once though, "It's just a trim, they couldn't possibly cut it way to short like last time..."

i spoke to soon........ @#!$@$ !!!!

Overall, i was blantly disappointed with Ystilo Salon . That dude who cut my hair clearly doesn't know what he was doing. I end up losing 4-5 inches of my hair.

I SAID I WANT A TRIM! not a haircut!! at the end my perm looks horrible and looks unflattering, I feel like i want to whimper, complain and scold their asses off for not doing a good job and cutting off all my hair!!

It's hard to get angry when you just want to cry! It's hard to hold back the tears but i'm not trying let it affect me now, my hair might get upset and never grow.

AND HE CUT MY LONGEST LAYER!! i know cause when i got home i ironed my hair just so i could see the layers, but ding ding ding! there was no layers he turned my hair into a "V" cut.

Good thing Tony & Jackey saved my hair.

so from now on.....

My New Year's Resolution for 2011
1. Never let David's salon and Ystilo salon touch my hair.
2. Only go to T&J salon!
4. No more 5
5. Grow my hair up to the hips!!!
6. BRACES!!!!
7. Buy a phone with my own savings
8. Have a proper skincare routine
9. Do a Hair Journal blog entry


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