Nailed my math test bam!!

A tumblr inspired semantic web of the day before and after my math test.

Didn't sleep for the whole night bcuz of studying for Math. Arrived at school and i'm like..

Realized i still missed a few more equations that i needed to review.

Cramming for 4 hrs, secretly studying in my Arts lit, discrete math & world lit subjects

After 4 hours, realized it was time for my Math subject...

Then i go like -- "F*ck this shit! I can do this!"

Sitting at the room. Professor gaving out the testpapers

Saw the testpaper and the equations/problems to solve.

After the test and walked out of the test room and go like.

Saw my friend and realized we both didn't leave an equation unsolved and we both go like

Now.... I'm so sleepy can't wait for my 4:30-6:00 class to end


  1. grats! haha :D i love those tumblr gifs XD so relevant!

    and damnn, it feels good to walk out of a classroom feeling like you did great on your test. x-x;;

  2. I love those tumblr gifs, never fail to crack me up all the time. HAHAHA!

  3. Haha congratulations! These animated gifs were hillarious! x~

  4. that's cute


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