My Answers & FAQs

listen to ☞ Just a dream (click) cover by Tai Maou! you gotta love his voice! freakin gorgeous! way better than the original ♪┏(・ε・)┛♪

ASK: What do you normally do when you're bored? like really bored.... :P (even when you're online!)
REPLY: If i have money, i would march out of the house and go shopping. If i don't then im gonna go watch random youtube videos like watching ☞ charlieissocoollike (n‘∀‘)η listening to his sexy british accent or perhaps find good music

ASK: What your previous layout? It's kinda awesome. Maybe I'll use it for some reason. If you let me to use it. So can I? :)
REPLY: I would love to but that layout is in XHTML format so i don't really know.

ASK: People follow my blog but my entries don't appear in their dashboard, i remember you had got this problem before too and you fixed it. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!
REPLY: Yep! all they have to do is unfollow you, then follow you back that should solve the problem :)

ASK: How's school?
REPLY: stress.. too much assignments and quizzes. I have another one due next week and still haven't started doing my homework.. i slack off way to much then actually doing important stuffs

ASK: What's your favourite food?
REPLY: I love food and i really eat a lot!!!! (‐^▽^‐) cannot pick my favorite but i'm craving for green veggies all of a sudden probably because i eat fastfood and chips a lot ( ´_ゝ`) kinda made me miss eating home cooked meals.

ASK: List out 5 things you hate most?
REPLY: Big Huge Ass Cockroach, Paying Bills, Fake Friends, Having to cram for something & Bad hair day :)

Frequently Asked Questions
- I do get this questions a lot especially from my old chatbox. So here you go:

1. How do you put those emoticons/smilies in your blog?
- This made me laugh a bit since the way I put those smilies ・_>・) are actually a noobish trick. I just downloaded emoticons and upload them to photobucket and paste the codes here like you normally would when you put on certain blog pictures, it's really a hassle so i quit doing it but actually YOU can have an smilie/emoticons embedded right into your post editor, but i don't know how so whatever i can't help you with that, but if you like you could use my (・∀・)つ noobish emoticons trick.

2. I want to use the bloglayout you made (from blogskins) there was an error.
- That's because you are using blogger's old/classic template. To solve this, click "Revert to Classic Template" found right in the bottom of the Design > "Edit Html"

3. Can you send me the codes of *insert bloglayout submitted at blogskins.com*
- NO! (╬ ಠ益ಠ), woman! the codes is right there, just click on "Blogger Main". Why would I submit a layout and not put the codes that's ridiculous!


  1. can you like change your font to ARIAL or verdana, ur current font kinda SUCKS

  2. @Anon:
    uhh... NO!. |  ̄ヘ ̄| Is this your blog? you can leave if u dont like

  3. charlieissocoollike does have a sexy voice. you're so much cooler now that i know you watch him~ haha jk. i enjoy reading your blog entries~


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