Eyeglasses = older?

Had this conversation with this nice mid-old lady janitor at our school. She's really nice and friendly. I remember she drops me compliments.

Me and my friend were at the Restroom at our school when this nice mid-old lady (i dunno exactly i think she was in her mid 50's or 60's?) then we all talk blah blah blah then....

Nice old lady: Why do you wear eyeglasses?
Me: I can't see from afar.
Nice old lady: I have one too and i seldom use it cause it makes me look old. Don't always wear your glasses it would make you look old.
*proceeds to touch my eyeglasses and attempts to remove them*
Nice old lady: See, you have nice eyes. You shouldn't always wear them.

Now that i think about it.

"A study, which ☞ surveyed over 4,000 people at the London Vision Clinic, found that people who wear glasses are perceived to be 3.3 years older on average."

Now, i feel like rushing to the optical store and get me some new contact lenses ಥ‿ಥ BROWN ONES!! looks more natural, i bought a grey one last year and when i put them on it turned to blue and i hated it!! (≧ロ≦)

But i still love wearing my glasses (`・ω・´) Vanity reasons? It did help concealing my designer eyebags ( ^∀^)

I started wearing eyeglasses when i was 15. I rarely take my glasses off when i was in college unlike in highschool i like to take them off all the time and use them only when inside the classroom or listening to the teacher cause i feel so weird with them on, because of that the grade of my eyeglasses shot up to 200+ *sob*


  1. eyeglasses do make you look older XD i think so too haha

    if you don't wear them... your eyes get worse?! is that true? :( i should start wearing them more often. haha XD

    contact lenses look really good on asians too XD i wish my eyesight was perfect so that i could just wear "fake" glasses when i wanted to., :P

  2. @ Wendy:

    yeah.. mine shot up to 100+ for not wearing my glasses :((


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.