Digital Perm at Tony & Jackey

Day 1 of my Digital Perm!! I got it done from Tony & Jackey Korean salon (Makati branch).

I'm really satisfied with their service and especially the perm even though it's so expensive but it's worth it anyways. They have a promo going on, My hairstylist (Ria) recommend if i pick the package 2 which is the L'Oreal medicine since she said that the Korean medicine is too harsh and strong that it would fry my hair dry.

The package 2 consist of Digital/setting perm, haircut, hair manicure, hair treatment, cellophane.

So imagine i did all of those in one sitting, I was at the salon for almost 5 hours and my butt hurts!!! Literally!!

my black hair is really visible, sorry for that. HAHAHA!

HEK... I'm on my "home-clothes" so yeah.. please ignore it. :D

P/S: my black pudding hair isn't that visible.... i think its because of the flash :(

For those who want to get a digital perm
1. Save a lot of money it's going to cost you
2. Do a lot of research and read reviews
3. Bring a picture of the ideal hair curl that you want at the salon
4. FYI. Digital perm and normal perm is different so i don't recommend you to get your digital perm at an "urban legend" salon
5. If you chemically straightened your hair before, wait at least a year so that the curls will hold on much longer.

after -> 5 months


  1. woooooow!!kawaii!! <3 love it girl!nyahaha!!..d nila pinerm bangs m?coz if they did..prang ang weird tignan..hehe!ilang months mglalast?? ^^ gnda tlga!!wuhu!!go girl!

  2. ooh...so nice :). I got a perm too, but it's japanese straightening perm. my hair is sort of frizzy that's why I got it, so it's not all over the place lol

  3. MAD LOVE !

    I want too!

    wonder if they do sth like that in Germany?

  4. wow! how much did the digiperm cost? is tony and jackey really good? i love the hair. :"> i'm planning to have my hair permed this coming october. :)javascript:void(0)

  5. @ anon:
    yeah! i would recommend tony and jackey if you wanna get your hair permed.
    my digi perm cost around 5,000php.
    they have their promo actually. they also have 3k which is package 1


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.