State of the Union

                 State of the Union

          Out                              In

    blue contact lens           Starbucks Iced Chocolate Mocha

    early dismissal                    blockmates   

  extreme humid weather         Natural wavey hairstyle

sorry about that, i just finished watching "The Clique" and i got a little inspired so yeah...

Today, i wore my contact lens in the first day of the semester after the not-so-long-break and for some reasons i get like a  headpain. My sister says it's natural to feel that way since it's my first week and probably my eyes is just getting use to them.

Everytime i wore them and i take the lenses off, i feel really miserable inside and just ended up sleeping the whole night.

But what i really hate when i wore my contacts instead of my glasses is that i bought a charcoal / grey color so it looks more natural but when i wore them... it magically turns BLUE!! also my eyebags is completely shown for everyone to see no matter how much concealer i put to hide them. FML

i'm so not wearing them if i go to school only on special occasions



  1. your contacts haz magic! LOL
    I never tried wearing contacts but they say if it's really the first time you're using it you'll get really dizzy...or are they just scaring me XD

  2. ahaha!dpat ung glow in the dark na contact lens n lng binili mo para pg madilim..mkakakita k p..oh d b?wahahaha!! =)) =))

  3. I never tried wearing contact lenses but I'm planning to. Sabi nila wearers should not sleep with their contacts on? Well, a couple weeks you'll be fine naman siguro. :)

  4. wow! the cliche movie is really awesome! :) and the state of the union, is just like a refresher of the day! :)


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