Just watched the twilight saga: eclipse movie yesterday. honestly.. it wasn't like a great movie but i just love the parts when Edward and Jacob had this immature fight

Kristen Stewart's acting? BLAND! nothing changes.. it's like when she's happy her reaction is -> :|

and for the record the same for all being sad, suprised, happy, pleased, tired, stressed etc... i remember when Edward scared Bella when he suddenly appeared in her truck out of nowhere... and Bella's reaction was like pshhhhh... this -> :| that's not being scared at all
some of my favorite lines.

1. "face it edward... i'm hotter than you" - Jacob 

it's when Bella was chattering in the cold at the mountains and Edward couldn't do anything about it, good thing Jacob came to the rescue. also the part that jacob tease or somewhat hinting edward that he would kiss bella on the lips cause she's too cold.... that one cracks me up

2.  “Fall down again Bella?” “No Emmett, I punched a Werewolf in the face!”

it's when Jacob kiss bella on the lips and bella punch Jacob which pretty much bella's reaction is priceless.
P/S: i don't SUPER don't like it when Bella screams or shouts... every time she does it my eyes twitch and i can't help but cringe... she completely sound somewhat.... like a dude.

3. "Dr. Fang isn’t sure how much pain medication I need, so he’s going with trial and error. Think he overdid it." - Jacob

bwahaha! he calls Dr. Carlisle... dr. fang :))))

oh yeah.. i'm more of a Jacob fan :)

My rating:

the first part is really boring.... i only like the last 20 minutes of the movie


  1. I haven't watched it T^T

    How did you know if she was happy if here expression was this >> :| XDD

    I think I am the only one not watching it XD

  2. @Cynna:

    there was a scene that her words sound happy pero her face is this -> :|

  3. ahahaha!!..napanuod ko rin ung eclipse..kahit ayaw ko kc gusto ng friend ng friend ko kaya un..ntwa din ako nung sinapak ni bella si jacob sa cheek then nabalian hand nya!wahahha!!laughtrip!!..and ung away nila edwrd n jacob sa tent..wahahahaa!! XD

  4. The first two Twi-movies dissapointed me but I'm sure someone'll drag me to watch this one too. I really don't like Edward or Bella. And Kristin's acting womps. She has like zero personality. And the monotoneous voice and expressions. Fail. Team Jacob FTW, just because he has a motorbike =P

  5. why everyone loves jacob? =( i don't get it.
    but those movies are cool ! i watched eclipse yesterday =)


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