Anti-smoking !

images by xiaxue

i can't help but just blogged about this! it's just that is one thing i really detest most in this world.

seriously, screw you! screw you for being so damn selfish!

but i don't hate all smokers there are some that are aware of their surroundings, that there are actually other people who doesn't smoke and they would rather smoke far from the crowd or in the smoking area (i salute you all) as for the others.............. go die in a hole!

Just like what happened today. 

I was heading to an internet cafe to have my ID picture printed and it was quiet windy and this bastard was walking infront of me lighting up his cancer stick and started to smoke then all his smokes went right in front of my face.

GREAT ! just great!

THANK YOU for being such a bastard really. 

okay... so what i actually did was I fan all the smokes out of my face using my jacket and I could tell he saw me and he knows i didn't like was he was doing.

2nd incident:

During my math class my classmate who was sitting beside me smells so fcking horrible and yes, he smoked before he went to class (I could tell) and I had to suffer for the whole 1 hour and 30 minutes.

(god! i hope he doesn't read this)

anyways... i couldn't even concentrate properly in the discussion, my head keeps telling me to get my perfume and spray it all over HIM..

and the way he talks like he is really proud of what he is doing (i guess all smokers do) cause i heard him talking to his friend who unfortunetly smokes too.

"You know what. I just smoked outside and i usually finish up to 1 pack a day"
(me in my thoughts: FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

yeah. congrats.

Of what xiaxue made, this is what i like the most!! and for the record, i actually don't give a shit if you get LUNG CANCER or not... if you did then good, you deserve it anyways!

and please.....

don't drag me to your death bed.


  1. Smoking is one of the powerful addictions, which can lead to death. Small percentage of reduction in smoking is beneficial for the health. Even with the well-known heart, blood pressure, and cancer risks can be avoid by quitting smoking as early as possible. Many smokers try to quit smoking but they are so much addicted to it they fails to quit smoking.

  2. Hello,

    Smoking is a lifelong addiction that is often hard to break. It also may lead to a poorer quality of life. This is true for both the smoker and for those who share that smoker’s home.

  3. I agree with you. Everybody smoke because his friends smoking and they are cool...

  4. I would also like to smoke with such people
    specially with lady....

    Smith Alan


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