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The world as we know it has come to face lots of environmental problems like global warming, overpopulation, pollution, deforestation et cetera to make a difference what can I do to encourage people to save the world?

As a college student, I've been ask this problem a million times on our NSTP and humanities subject, yes we all know the 3 Big R's,Reduce Reuse and Recycle but.... let's be honest here no matter how we promote this kind of stuff it's just hard to get it through people's head nobody has the time to rumble about in their garbage and turn it into a great big succesful piece of art and expect someone or yourself to use it... it's just pish posh unless of course if we are forced to do it and be given a flat 1 on our card or get a great deal amound of money.

For example the use of tetra packs then turn it into a plastic bag which i've done before in my grade schools years and i tell you... i bet now that bag is lying around the corner of the walls gathering dust.

As i go back to the question, what can I do to encourage people to save the world? perhaps I should show you an array of all the damages of Typhoon Ondoy caused so you can remember how tragic it was remising the death toll of the people died in the storm or should I show you countless picture of all the pollution you can think of here in Manila

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Tell me, why it is so damn hard to keep your candy wrappers in your bag and throw it in the trash bin later when you find one? Is your bag too extravagant and delicate that not even a piece of paper or candy wrappers can be put inside? Then can't you hold it for just a minute till you find a trashcan and throw it there instead? The problem here is that....... there's no RESPECT.

There's no respect for our country, that you can just throw your rubbish elsewhere like nobodies business thinking other people would have done it as well, mind you if you want to see CHANGE in this world you have to start with yourself.

In a nutshell what can i do to encourage people? well this.


Don't really know how to end it.....

A supposedly blog entry for a contest but I just thought that my entry was more of a rant than an actual encouragement so i didn't bother to submit but I'll just post it here for the fun of it :)

P/S: If you're one of those people who throw your crap everywhere be careful if i catch you I'm going to shove it down your throat!!

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