What's in my bag?

Day 9 of 365
My bag atm ehe. I'm a big bag junkie. I can never have too many bags. I don't last long using 1 bag after 3 months, I just have to buy another one. Whenever i see a bag that i like at the store my eyes glisten.

My big ass wallet from Mango. One and only branded stuff i own excluding the clothes since i don't really own a branded bag. This one was a gift from my mom for my 18th birthday.

Eau de perfume... or whatever you call it.

My flashdrive, House keys and School ID all together in one keychain so I don't have to rammage around my clustered bag to find the stuff one by one

Don't really have a makeup bag, This is the only stuff i use and my Maybelline superfit concealer

My pens

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