Rainbow Marshmallows

Went to SM Hypermarket to buy groceries since all stores will be closed for 2 days *bummer* and I carried 4 burdensome grocery bags all by myself everything is stuff to the brim had to drag them out of the elevator to our unit!

This is one of the many groceries i bought! SWISS MISS HOT CHOCO! *hands down*

THIS STUFF IS HEAVENLY! taste damn awesome, it's not fluffy like regular marshmallows more like a soft candy.

Doesn't look that tasty but it DOES...HA! I think i made a mistake of putting all the marshmallows when the hot choco was too hot *sad*

P/S: I Just realized I blog to much about food *straight face*


  1. Thank youu steph . But , i don't seem to find your cbox ? >.< wow , envy you , so many followers (:

  2. Haha ty! The marshmallows look so yummy! Looks like frootloops in hot choco! :B


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