Second ear pierce

Day 15 of 365
Just got my second ear pierce(・∀・) at Unisilver located at Glorietta 4. The crown earrings i got from a stall near Tickles in Glorietta and the star from Unisilver.

It has been quite a long long long long time since I last wore earrings, Last time i wore one was during our Senior prom and I just wore it for like a couple of hours.

P/S: The dot above the star is actually a mole! :)))) When I was in Highschool my classmates thought it was an ear pierce. hahahaha! *Not that anyone cares*


  1. oh thank you, Steph. I'm your daily reader anyway :D

  2. looks great!

    I kinda want two piercings at the upper part of my ear... bt I'm afraid of the pain xD


Thanks for commenting (・∀・) I'll get back to that asap.