Nomnomnom for the heart

Just payed my electric bill at the hypermarket near to our condo so just bought myself some food.One is Red Ribbon's Mocha Roll !! I love anything MOCHA flavored! mocha shake, mocha icecream, mocha cake, mocha anything!

Took the liberty of picturing them so you guys can drool over. HAHAHA! yeah, it's a bad joke. I hope you guys already ate.

&& Pizza Hut!! This one is family sized bought them from a stall in the mall originally its 445. I've manage to saved myself P200+. There's still some left over...about 4 slices.

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  1. I love your photos! And SWISS MISS <3 I love swiss miss. :) And pizza and cake<3 Waah~ I'm craving. XD


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