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[ U P D A T E D] urrk~ my hand hurts like hell.... im soo dragged out by doing the BOF ost and drama download.. so many link and codes.. gahhh!!! i just hope you guys will appreciate it

yup yuppp!! ive finally finished my "visitor" page but not literally all done yet.. im still gonna add some more. care to visit it? hehe oh btw

MBC interviews Lee Min Ho!

and if it wouldn't play: click the link here

lee min ho's killer smile!! GAHH!! i am freakin' hypnotized .. that ahjumma over there is so funny! haha.. @ 1:35 she was asked if she would pick her husband over lee min ho and the ahjumma said that she pick lee min ho just this time WAHAHA!!

LOLS the ahjummas went crazy over min ho .. even the kids loved min ho too!


and oh yeah .. you should watch it even if your not a fan of lee min ho.. at 4:46 there is like a Boys Over flowers parody! and its effin funny!!!!

its called "Grandpas over flowers" *i can't stop laughing*

commoner Guem Jan Di grandma

Two-Dimensional Ji Hoon grandpa

Egoistic Goo Jun Pyo grandpa (WTF!)

Fighter Woo Bin grandpa

Casanova Kim Bum grandpa

okay... before go overboard with being such a fan girl... i wanna show you something... something that is random and that you probably wouldn't care lol

view outside my window

La Salle CSB's famous SDA building (School of Design and Arts)

uh.. yea.. my sister goes to college there.. according to her and at the web.. no two room, corner nor wall is the same in size ... every nook and cranny is different

every floor is different
no two walls are the same..
you turn in a corner it surprises you.. (at the video)

and and and and! the walls are glass...

** see the video tour.. and click here

everytime i see it.. i always though about Shinhwa high (BOF korean drama) - its like a school for the rich.. its like almost the same as in LSA-CSB ..

Some back to school shenanigans .. still incomplete

i use my sister's tablet there.. in writing the korean word.. (like a mouse-like-pad and a ballpoint for computers) yeah.. my hand is shaking like crazy!! GAHHH!! i couldn't write it properly.. i was like.. okay... "just think it was some ballpen and your writing in a paper"
and yea i was thinking about that.. thats why the first word looks nice then comes after the 2nd word then my hand can't stay put! its like its quitting on me..

its really really hard to write on... its like slide-y .. im gonna show you my drawing and the tablet pictures tomorrow

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