blue and pink simple layout *updated*

*UPDATED* and please don't rip this layout. i know some people out there rip bits and bits of other people's layout including mine.. honestly.. don't do it.

ive notice a lot of people have been doing it thinking the owner must be blind or something

i bet your itching to view my source huh. and rip my navigation codes?!
im so proud of this new layout of mine haha! its simple and yes, not attractive and cute at all but i like it just the way it is.. its simple

im still going to do lots of editing in the blog layout especially the header area as you can see i still dont have adobe photoshop that's why i wouldn't be able to do what i really like

wait till i get my hands on that adobe photoshop mwahahaha

and anw.. my blog looks like crap in Internet Explorer. ; my blog is best viewed in Firefox

argh!!! i hate IE!!!

as for those silly blind people who complain about the past bs i had. i dont have any regrets on using that skin. Why? cause i credited that person properly

are you too blind that you couldn't see credits section? or are you just lazy to scroll all the way down to look at it?

that's all im gonna say.. i dont want to take this too seriously over people who are plain stupid

anw... so today.. i woke up 5:00 in the morning!!! my say-no-to-tardiness-mom make me wake up at such time cause last week i was late on my math class..

my alarm clock decided to wake me up in such morning but i was clever enough to turn it off mwahaha.. little did i know i accidentally push on the snooze button. haiizz.. so it kept alarming every 5 - 10 mins .. and i keep turning it off then at around 5:30 am, my sister's phone began to ring .. the ringtone was like "wo de kuai le......." and its really really loud

and my mom was like "steph stepppph! your late.. oh no! your late again... get up hey!.." getting paranoid and stuff

i was like "relax. its 5:30 am. im not yet late" then my mom let me take a shower
.. freakin early and the water is damn cold!

our classes starts like 7:45 am and i left the house at 6:30 am i got at school and my math class room is still CLOSE! good thing i brought along my ipod and listen to fire by 2NE1 hehe

bought this korean noodle at shopwise~ haha.. i saw it at the korea aisle. i just though i would give it a try cause i saw this noodle mostly in korean dramas and they look like they are enjoying it so i wanna give it a try (have i said this like the 2nd time?) and i wanna find out if it taste good or not

its kimchi flavor :D

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