that little black diary

so i was scanning through my diary i had when i was 14 years old, i had it ever since the year 2006 which was when i was in my 2nd year Highschool years.

i bought it at Claire's

other then this blog i kept a diary too hehe.. but i don't write there like everyday HAHA! i write in my diary when i had those "kilig" moments or when something happened (real life not in the internet) that i wanna rant it over

on my birthday hahaaaaa... doodling on my diary.. that picture over there is found from "Coffee Prince Korean drama" teehee

everytime i read it.. its like im in that time again~

i use this to fool my classmates and my dad haha i bought it at blue magic in MOA

(happened like june 2007)

when i just got back from philppines to KSA.. i showed it to my dad, my dad was at the computer that time so i was like

"hey dad.. give me your hand.. i wanna show you something"

my dad wasn't looking but when it touched his hand and he saw it... my dad freaked out and went flying to the bed i kept laughing at that time and so is my dad hahaha!

and.. it did felt almost real

some more random pictures

my work station.~ haha super messy

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