I finally have PHOTOSHOP CS3 !

omg omg omg!!! i got so excited when the photoshop miko sent me worked!


i owe you big time~ i just can't wait to edit some pictures

bye bye now

*update* uuurggh! this mouse in my laptop is killing me when i move it up it goes down... the battery is almost empty btw.

but im kinda lazy to go down at 7 elven to buy battery ..

im gonna try photoshop-ing later i gotta buy some batteries first
and.. im kinda excited on may 16 cause me and isabel will go malling at "mall of asia" woooh! can't wait.

may 16 is like the concert of david cook in mall of asia
and may 17 concert of pussy cat dolls (doll domination) at MOA too... i was thinking about buying a concert ticket but never mind. im not really a fan of them but i just wanna see them in person and get there autographs hehehe

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