wanna buy Boys over flowers "kissing star" necklace?

wanna buy the boys over flower "kissing star" necklace

- the one that gu jun pyo gave to jan di

i bet you girls out there who are BOF fans are dying to have it right ...

actually i've found a site that sells them.. and they do INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! and their shipping prices are reasonable
how cool is that!

price: US$10.97

they have a promotion btw of a 35% discount price in philipines, the original price was PHP 799.97
now: its PHP 517.46 only! YEY

and it will ship within 7-14 days or 2-3 days (which they have prices for that)

see site here

UUURGGGH!!! i so hate my fuckin brother he always meddles in my business

i was asking my mom is she had a visa or master card (which i know she had) i told her if i could buy online..

and my super annoying always-gets-in-my-way-and-always-gets-his-way brother goes on like..

"hey you dont even know its safe"

"hey.. i know its safe OKAY!! its yesasia.. its not some blogspot account or multiply account! and yesasia is popular for online shopping!"

"mom.. you can't let her do that.. we all go bankrupt.. bla bla"

*me enduring my anger*

"what are you gonna buy anw.. are you like gonna buy lots of clothes i bet thats like 5 thousand or 10 thousand.. "


"you see you seee....."

"its just a necklace okay! now screw off"

"what is that like worth 1 thousand plus.. and your gonna pay for shipping fees.. and shipping fees are expensive"

"its not that exp okay.. what are some kind of expert in all of these.. you didnt even tried online shopping yet. you nitwit. the shipping it $6 only okay.. "

IM SOOOOO PISSED! i sooooo hate my brotherrrrrr....... ahhh!! he is just 13 yrs old and im like going 17 already. i know better then him

ahhh!!! i so hate this daaaaay~~

he keep yapping and yapping like as if he knows everything..


i would never let him touch my laptop ever again.. he used to like borrow my lappy to watch movies and i allowed him too and then after watching his movies he always talks back to me when i say something..

my bro is such a couch potato.. he's been in the house for like 4 consecutive days already not even bothering to move his ass and i have been out almost everyday.. don't i get a bit of rest here please!

i told him to wash the plates since i just got back from the school and he did nothing but sit and keep pressing those buttons (playing psp.) day and night.. even wide awake at 2am


another issue..

"what are you still doing here? go out with mom and buy your school supplies"

"im tired"

"tired my ass! you didnt even do anything around here... if you are that tired then what did you do"

"i was playing"

haiiiiiiizzzzz!! just a rant about my lazy bro

... why is that almost everyone's blog is on hiatus this days like amelia, pailin, agnes, ate ayei, and now lisa... i miss reading their blogs...

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