Malling with Isay + Concert of MTV EXIT

so fcking tired!! my foot HURTS LIKE HELL!! this day is like the most stressful crapping shit i have ever had but fun at the same time

shall say it accordingly through time

5:30am - wake up time!! so fcking bloody early!

7:30am-10:30 am - Math class

10:30am-11am - meeting mom at starbucks .. i ate this... forgot what it is called

my mom said like between 8 am there was a couple (between 26yrs old) at the front of the cashier kissing together not just a smack... but a really long one...i mean like WTF!!!...


11 something am - at home netting and chatting

3pm-7pm -at Mall of Asia with Isabel

and of course... took a lot of pics.. but ill just show you some... i had a great time especially when me and isay went to watch a movie.. HAHA


first: we can't find a suitable seat to sit. (geddit) haha! so we keep changing seats from here to there and we look like we are goofing off.. seriously

heres the story:

we were waiting for the movie to start and there's this white screen.. (it was a big long then it usually takes but i think they are fixing it) and yea.

as the white screen goes on... there were actually a lot of people in the cinema (movie theater) but it is actually pretty quiet... yes, super quiet

until then someone called isabel on the cellphone and break out the silence actually the ringtone is duper hilarious... and seriously made me LAUGH!! i just can't stop laughing

first... isabel felt the vibrate thing .. then the ringtone got louder and louder.... then i heard the ringtone

the ringtone goes like the advertisement in the philippines... the

"original beef.. payless payless... beef bulalo... payless payless"

i bet you all filipinos out there know what the hell im talking about.. remember that advert? WAHAHA

and the thing here is that the ringtone is sung by isabel and her 2 little sisters...

isabel was like "ahhh...my phone is vibrating and i forgot to turn it in silent mode" and she went panicking but still laughingly and searching her phone in her bag while me i keep laughing all the wayyyyyy

i think people were like starring at us? im not really sure.. they must have though were putting on some kind of freak show ... so yea..

at the MOA's olympic size skating rink... there were like fake snow falling there, thats why they turned the front lights off...

at the MOA's manila bay side (me at the left, isay at the right) - i look damn tired! ~cause its fcking hot outsideeeee

btw... the movie we watch is "HOUSE" .. and yea.. that movie is damn nice.. its a horror thriller

saw this cute cuppy cakes! *YUMMMMMM*

so after that.. isay went home with her mom afterwards and i go directly to the MTV EXIT concert near MOA .. featuring 14 singers like kamikazee, spongecola, itchyworms, gary v, christian bautista, kitchie nadal and many more

i dunno who the hell that singer is .. hahaaaa... i love some of their musics but im not really a fan of them... but that did made me one so yea...

this is the wristband that the singer throw off at the crowd but..sadly i didn't get one since im too far way.. but ~ my sister has one hahaaa.. she works at MTV philippines as one of the producers at the backstage for the celebrities gate passes and thats why she manage to get one...

and i harbored it bwahahahaha!! its just soo cute

then we went home afterwards.....

and when we got home.. me and my sis bought java shake, hot choco and and... err.. vanilla something.. hahaaaa

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