Steph's 2007 blast from the past & meet the grumpy toasty

so my friend as me to make her a blog.. well actually she already has a blog but she would want a new one for some reasons. this was her old one: iam-thecookiemonster

the new one right now is: thegrumpy-toasty

at first i was thinking about making her a blogskin but i was kinda lazy so i use of of Jess' sotd skin

cute right.. i so love that blogskin.. it has a really warm color and a really neat layout so yeah


okay.. im just gonna go back to the year 2007 where in i got just 4 readers in my blog (hahaha!) which is my sister, laila, lorraine, tasneem

you might wanna check on my October 2007 archives... when i read them all... i just keep laughing. I remember all those silly stuffs i did back then! haha..

and back then I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO EDIT HTML and stuffs like that... and my layouts are really really bland and dull haha! which is my old blogskins account: Misery!Chronicle (i've deleted that account already)

so as months have past ive learned a lot.. you know.. just download some skins then study the codes and try to revert or modify it, try exploring colors or maybe try experimenting with the codes a bit. If you are worried your gonna mess up the codes, try putting all the codes in the wordpad before editing them

so anw. back then last october 2007. i was really fond of using "!" as like this (!) i have noooo idea why.. hahaha... anw i quit using that lol

and i had a blogskin on "Deathnote" and "Naruto" which only lasted for 1 week haha! i got really bored... so my very first blogskin i submitted in blogskin.com in my new bs account was this skin

i just found that image in deviantart and made me inspired in creating a layout. That bloglayout is bestviewed in Internet Explorer and very screwed in Firefox

and thats where i got my alias "Ms.SockPuppet" from that layout - yes, totally lame alias

so my second layout was: "Box of Nice things"

that time i starting using Firefox because of my sister.. i did my 2nd layout in my sister's laptop
and her IE is like supppperrr slow so i started using FF and thats how i found out that my blog looks like crap so i started making a new one. i did it for like 2-3 days.

then the very next day it got SOTD (skin of the day) and i was like "what? this crappy skin got SOTD"

but i was thankful like my very first time.. haha... that actually my hardwork has paid off

.. lols. 15 thousand?? just wanna thank to all the people who downloaded the layout hehe

and my 2nd SOTD was this one.

i so love this blogskin! sometimes i hesitated on submitting it but it was all worth it when i submitted it!

i haven't keep in touch with this skin for quite a while but when i visited it when i found out that some of my blogskin's image have been deleted and reach its bandwidth. i visited my acc to take a look only that ive found out that it got already a fucking 17 thousand downloads?? *jaws drop*

only 3 thousand more to go haha hope i could make it to the "hot skins" on bs.com hehe..

just wanna thank you to all the people who supported that blogskin thanks thanks!

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