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new column: "Featured blogger"
just to let you know.. its random im gonna change it every now and then if i saw a blog that caught my attention (just click the image to view her blog)

featured blogger: stuckmuffin.info
owner: cynna
whats good?: her layout is freakin nice.. its simple (i mean not too much heavy images)

its pretty simple and unique. the colors are warm and its something i've never seen before. the icons are eye catching and over all its really nice.

blog content: not bad. not boring to read and she emphasizes every important word.


i love the topic on "writing to lee min ho" imma gonna try that out haha! im gonna write on his b-day

we were looking for a condo to own in so far this is the best.. ive been in.. i video it and edited it a bit haha.. we got all excited..

btw. watch it in HQ (high quality) cause it looks best in HQ

first we visit the Alpha Omega condo but its really stinky it smells like antique shit. Our face was like

then we went to Dansalan Garden condo.. and it was the BEST~~ i feel like i dont want to get out of the house... and the air is refreshing because of the pool outside

and i can jump in there anytime i want if my parents will buy the condo..

anw.. me and my sis love the 2 bedroom unit one. i just hope my parents gonna take it

--condo searching bla bla bla--

we ate at teriyaki after that.. its a japanese restaurant btw

the food is awesome!! especially the rice

me playing with the water hehe..

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