i made a video look!

[ U P D A T E D ] am i a snob? is not saying "hi" back considered as being a snob? i feel like i am a snob ... snob snoobbbb...~~~

yesterday.. i was at my school.. then one of my classmate (at math class) was like "hi steph" they are like far away at the bench... then i just smilied and wave... *such a lame way for a response*

then after class .. ***** said "bye.. (insert my name here)" then i ignored..

i didn't say "bye" back.. cause ****** was talking at my back..

why?? for some reason i seriously don't know why... and NO im not shy.. i am just quiet and dont talk that much......

ok fine..then im shy~~~

how do you define shy anyway?.. jizzz... i am not shy! i resent it!! I AM NOT!

if you are gonna call me that im gonna throw popcorn at you.. !!!

I made a music video on one of BOF ost - "what should i do" by jisun .. i just noticed that youtube has some small music video of it ... others are only pictures and an english sub or an mv of jun pyo & jae kyung (DUH!) - so not a fan of them

and i can proudly say that the english subs matches the video and watch it in HQ (high quality) please, seriously i dont know why the quality is like that...

** i was trying to put up the part when Jan di intentionally fall herself at the pool! ep. 24 ~but i can't find a video for me to crop it up.. haiiizzz

gawd! you dont know how hard it is to put those eng. subs for pits sake!

quite a pity though.. i wish there would be more ga eul and yi jung moments (anw.. im looking forward for the season 2)

i got inspired because of my youtube channel layout! nyahahhaaa...

view my channel: balloncrazy

i have something to say regarding about applying to be one of my affie.. i mean seriously.. i receive a mails about link ex and yeah.. i link them without hesitation or whatsoever.. but i haven't found the time to look at their site if they really DID link me up

and i think i made myself clear.. in the affies page that "you have to link me before i link you" which means that you have to link me before you send me a mail..

i just visitied my affies page yesterday because i was bored.. when i visit this blog. she didn't link me.. anw..

its really unfair at my side ... i linked you.. and you didn't even bother linking me back

okay. you know what.. i am going to visit all my affies today.. yea! every single one of you..

if i didn't my link.. i'll remove you immediately...

and please.. dont apply for link ex. if your blog is private. gawd! that doesn't make any sense

and for those who are people applying. ill surely visit your blog and if hadn't found my link.. im not going to link you back..

okay thats ol.. ~peace

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