i was in the middle of a rampaging snake attack


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the description is at the "rate".. im tired to explain bla bla bla.. anw

i was thinking about changing my blog url to "oops-kawaii" .. ive already check it at blogspot .. the url is still available for me to take it but anw... i would probably lose my followers if i did change my url again so anw nvm


OOKAY... i was in the middle of a rampaging snake attack
im gonna tell you the whole story.. it happened this night at 10:30 pm

me and my sister go out in a really really heavy rainfall (no use using a umbrella men! we are still hit by the rain and we are SOAKED!) to Pizza hut which is near in Starbucks.

before we reached our destination.. there was a little flood streaming off near the pizza hut and the alley along the way.... my foot got soaked in the BLOODY flood! LIKE EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

i bet my whole life that dirty-water-flood is full of spit, smoke dust and urine! ewwwww!!


arghhh!.. YUCKSSS! GROSSS!!!!! so anw when we reached at pizza hut it was bloody closed! and bla bla bla
we went back again to the condo but on the way there..

just look at this diagram i draw for you ... i draw it in paint and yes i know its horrible..

there weren't any cars nearby and the stoplight is in "red" so i can freely run my way along the pedestrian lane and i imagine myself taking a nice hot bath

then my sister started freaking out.. she was like




then i turn my head at my left side and i saw a freaking 5 foot long and fat snake!!!!!! it was like 20 inches away from me ... my sister has this "fear of snake"

i was waiting for my sis to cross the path but it took her long cause i was already at the corner alley and she was like at the other side...

many people... i mean many guy people gather and tried capturing the snake.. when this dude.. captures the snake's tail, the snake begun to rose and bite him in the hand.. and everyone at the starbucks started shouting... and bla bla bla bla

some people took picture, and video cam it... *gosh! wish i bough my camera with me *

anw waiting for like 15 mins in the rain... drenched...... and finally the snake was captured.. but it was still alive....

anw... what just struck me is that


no, i dont think its from the zoo... the zoo is sooooooo far away... is it from the canal or what?

anw.. by the time i got from the condo i immediately took a SHOWERRRRR and my sis called a "home delivery" instead..

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