(UPDATED) i so wanna try online shopping!!!!! does anyone know any online shopping sites that is trusting and stuffs are in good quality or any Korean sprees or Taiwanese sprees? i would really appreciate it.. errr... im still learning on buying online can anyone teach me? hehe.. my mom is getting me a ATM and teaching me to ATM transfer woohh! i can finally buy ONLINE!

woah!.. theres a new episode of BOF btw... they just made 2 music drama - Kim Joon story and Yi Jung Story but after the music drama they will make a new episode. wooooohhh! i can't wait for the new episode to come out..

okay. so yesterday me and my mom went to makati to find a condo near to my school and fortunately we did find a condo but its a bit expensive. first we check the condo at "west of ayala" its a really freaking nice condo, its fuckin expensive okay, we check the room and its really really really nice! its like an American designed condo and more like an apartment also but never mind the condo is far away from my school so anw me and my mom tried walking from the condo to the school i almost busted my knee it was so so far gosh!. so yeah. anw after that when we finally reached my school ...... its...... CLOSED! WTF! haha.. i didn't realize .. yesterday was a holiday like labor's day lols! so anw. we headed to Mall of Asia AGAIN!!!! my mom loves going to MOA !

there isn't a day we haven't been at the mall okay and my foot hurts! i would love to take a break cause my math class is on may 4 already.. im a bit nervous about the whole thing cause i still didnt know which is which... which room to go? where is the room? and so on...

being a frosh .. hmmm... what is it like?

anw.. so what if cookies have emoticons! take a look

really cute huh.. haha

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