new modified bloglayout

my blog layout look so BOOORRRINNNGGG!!! honestly im sick looking at it. That's why im planning to tweak it up a bit like adding something.. bla bla bla....

okk.. ill be editing my blog now...

yeheeeyy!! im finally finish! hahaaa! i just add and remove something on the codes of my previous blogskins..

i so love this blogskin of mine.. i work so hard of it.. especially the banner and navigation

the banner: i've done lots and lots of trial and errors.. something like that.. i use both MS paint and photoshop..

and the navigation: is the HARDEST PART! i tried putting it below the image and it would suddenly go up! *then i go nuts* but eventually i've fixed it up anw

and NO , i won't submit my previous blogskin cause i use the same codes as this one..i tried so hard to do this... i hope no one would dare rip it..

anw... i am sick.. .. my left ear hurts like hell! and it affected half of my jaw.. and there is like a lump under my ear in the neck!... ittttt huurrtttssss!

its like draining all my energy... and i think it would affect my left eye pretty soon because out of no where i being to have watery eyes.. and it feels sooo damn heavy

GAHHH!! im fcking tired .... i had a hard time eating btw..


i'm downloading the full drama series of Boys Over Flowers!!! i've downloaded ep 1 already... anw i just cant wait for the dvd to come out... so i tried downloading it. (i'll give the links tomorrow)

but the subs and the video are separated..

the video btw is really really SUPER CLEAR! its like buying the original one...

so i'm rewatching BOF even though im finish watching the whole drama...

i just can't get enough of lee min ho!! he is just too cute

so anw.. i was at MOA.. and saw this really cool Shutter shades, i was thinking of buying it when suddenly i though again...

why would i buy this?
do i need it?

that shutter shade is like a magnet of disaster, when you wear them its like a window still... you probably don't know where the hell you are going .. or people might thought your some kind of nut case.

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