which do you think is better?

[updated] haiizz i wish blogspot has those clickable smilies like wordpress!!! putting img src codes is sickening!

i just got back from my math summer class.. as usaual.. i woke up super early . just 2 more days to go and math class will be as good as over

so anw. i just opened my plurk .. my last login was like when i got addicted to pet society (not anymore now) and not to mention my karma is like down to 0.00
so anw.. im gonna explain here why i had to lock my tagbaord

i've just noticed that a lot of the messages in my tagboard are responses to my blog entries. and its quite a shame huhuhuhu...i cant reply to most of it because cbox limits the words and that just sucks to the core! and makes me not to reply anymore

so yea.. i give the haloscan comment system a thumbs up! anw.. thanks to all those people who greeted me back hehe

i didn't expect i would get replies since its almost a year and a half

anw .. i still haven't eaten yet .. im freakin' hungry i was thinking about buying Java chip shake at starbucks. but my mom would probably have a fit again if i did

i need your POVs here... which do you think is better? cbox tagboard or haloscan


i had a long chat with lee min ho last night!

look ! lOOK!

JUST KIDDING! i found that pic in the net HAHAHA!! anw.. he definitely looks so cute in there

okay... i confess i just CANNNN'T !!

I JUST can't stop looking at the picture of min ho there!

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