i'll make my confessions

i confess i just ate bibimbap for lunch

*its a korean food* and gawd! its hella spicy!!

i confess i just fixed the images up in my "not so pink" skin in blogskin.com..

since many people requested to me and keep email-ing me about it.. so yea.. ive edited the codes.. and hosted the images

just to be sure .. i hosted it at tinypic that way it is safely stored there and won't affect my photobucket


i confess i use my sister's tablet to draw jun pyo in photoshop haha~

*excuse my lousy drawing*

yeah.. its so hard to draw ... my bloody hand is shaking like crazy..

i confess i've finished downloading Boys Over Flowers ep 7 woohhooo! (to download visit my "visitors" page)

quote by kpo yc:
Thanks for your visitor corner. Its fantastic and the screen is really clear :D

see see!... its clear.. i mean... ITS REALLY REALLY CLEAR ... its like a original dvd copy.. and dont worry there is an english subs

anw.. i still think it would be nicer buying the original dvd... im gonna buy too...

anw! watch this video of "Boys over flowers" parody!! SO FREAKIN' HILARIOUS

its sooo funny!!! gah! f4 guys here are so fugly .. jan di here is a boy and so is min ji!

i like the part when jun pyo announces that jan di would be his official girlfriend then students starts jumping off the building!! HAHAA!!! THATS MASS SUICIDE!!! gawd! almost made me fall of my chair

btw there are 6 parts of this...

haha!! let me know what you think

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