women who smoke weed

i just don't understand some why women smoke don't they bloody care about what it could do to them.. ITS A BIG TURN OFF!

it could damage your hair, your teeth, your lips and not to mention your breath...

okay.. i was at Starbucks like last week, there was a part of Starbucks that is an open area and weed people are allowed to smoke... so i saw this student (girl) smoking weed

oh well.. i think it must have been peer pressure or something to made you do all those dumb shit

and and and... whatever..

i just got back from Mall of Asia... me, my sis, my bro and my mom watch "Angels and Demons"
we sat at the top.. then again there are some people who sit at the very front of the screen... and i meant at the very front okay... there were seats infront of the screen right? and there are seats at the top ..

and well, i saw group or maybe there were 3 of them watching at the very front.. one of them is a girl.. at first i think she must have a screw lose or something

or is she just near-sighted so she had to go all the way from the very front of the big screen

ok this ends here.. im gonna have my math class tomorrow.. gonna wake up so bloody early like 5 am fcking crap!

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