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20 facts about me

I have double joints - i can bend my finger the upper one
I am more afraid of butterflies then cockroach! *im serious*
I don't eat balot
I hate eating salty fish like bulad
I tend to be a real klutzy when i'm nervous
I wear socks when i sleep
I can't start a conversation
I still love watching "Courage the cowardly dog" on cartoon network
Almost all brand of my clothes are Zara
I love wearing tees that are over my hips (but not oversize.. dunno what name of the tee is)
I don't wear earrings *but i still have a earring hole in my ear..* (i have a bad experience about it thats why i am really afraid of wearing earrings)
I listen to my ipod whenever im online
I have ridden an LRT 2 times only
I dont know how to commute *using jeepney - but i do know how to pay them
I eat a lot *but still not getting fat* GAHH!
I rarely put lotion on my skin but still i have fair and smooth skin
I have sensitive skin *so i can't just put something on my face or else i would get a zit*
I love wearing flip flops in the mall & i hate wearing heels..
I dont look good in pictures.

i'll just tag those blog that are open:


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have you noticed it? i remove the speedcounter (the white box one) cause its rubbish i tracks have of your visitors.. i tested it btw... GAHHH!!!

use statcounter.com

why? it also tracks how many people visit your blog everyday but you will be the only one who can view it . that includes every page loads, unique visitors and returning visitors and that status will be forever record in your account!

Returning Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later

Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.

Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited.

i just thought its useless to put up a counter on your site when you don't even know how many people visit your site everyday... and in my opinion i think its important

i'll show you mine:

i cut short of the bar graph since its way long and it won't fit my blog
green- page load; blue- unique visitors; orange- returning visitors

you'll have something like this: the most recent and a bar graph

yup, I've tested it already and their status of keeping in track of every page load is accurate

okay bla bla bla...

i just had my Math class and after 3 hours of torturing my brain. I went to Starbucks which is pretty much beside the school (oh yeah!) cause my mom was there..
then i bought myself an oreo cheesecake and mocha frap

*yum* so delicious

afterwards we went to "greenbelt"

then bla bla bla..

so anw.. we were about to go outside when i saw the "Zara" GAH! i can't stop myself so i hurried to go inside! my mom is at Aldo anw so i told her ill be at Zara

and i was looking into some shirts, pants, shoes, sandals and whatever i can find.. looking at the prices and i was a bit *i dont really know what to call this...

i was a bit (gah! trying hard to translate in english ) ........


okay i got my words now I was a bit well..... not used at the prices...

compared when was at Saudi A. i could easily buy clothes at Zara

actually.. the prices are the same but.... looking at the prices in thousands at philippine money made me shock

in Saudi Arabia a shirt would range up to SR 65-100 or above in Saudi riyals or Php 1,000

which is exactly the same when i'll convert riyals to pesos ....

for example. i bough a shirt in Zara at Saudi A. which is only 90 riyals... or 100 riyals but when converting it in pesos it is Php 1,000

so it is still the same in anyway i look at it BUT

when i see the price at 100 riyals i think its cheap without converting it but in philppines looking at the prices in 1,000 pesos ..... no matter how much i think about it even if it is exactly 100 riyals when converting it.. i still think its expensive...

*god! i hope i make sense... i lost my words...

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