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LEE MIN HO is still cute to meeee weeee!! i just love it

how i am quite different with others.. like how they adore hyun joong so much!

~ well....lee min ho is MINE! sooo.. errr.. back off!

he's a the middle! isn't he the cutest! not really cute though more like ulzzang, handsome, charming, irresistible ! bla bla bla!!

at first i dont really find hyun joong that cute.. especially on the first episode .. *apologies to hyun joong fans.. please dont throw tomatoes at me* (this is a matter of my opinion only)

cause.. of his hair its long and he look like an adult parent
rather then a student (in the drama)

but later on... he got a haircut.. which is soo damn cute!!

and and and.

i shall not say anything...

i love lee min ho.. apart of all!

got some juicy news here:

Talent Lee Min Ho (22 yrs old) has been surrounded by rumors of various relationships. And now there are rumors about his involvement with current ‘Boys Over Flowers’ co-star Koo Hye Sun.

However on the 6th, a representative of Lee Min Ho denied the rumors stating, “The news reports don’t have any truth to them. Playing their roles, they are seen together while filming many scenes. And this is where the rumors of a relationship stems from.”

Koo Hye Sun’s representative rejected the rumors as well, “They’re close but not dating. The rumors have surfaced because of the drama’s popularity.”

In the meantime, Lee Min Ho playing F4’s leader, Goo Jun Pyo and Koo Hye Sun playing Geum Jan Di are an on screen couple. Lee Min Ho revealed that, “age doesn’t matter but an elegant woman with a fair complexion” is his ideal type of woman.

Source: Newsen

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