FACEBOOK in reality!!! - freaking FUNNY!!!

okay so i just got back from my very first math plus class

so i ask the security who guard the school and ask what room for math class and he said

"its on 3rd floor.. blah blah blah"

so i went there and i saw some students and at first i was thinking about following them like wondering if they too are attending math class too..

then some went in room "314" at first i thought if this is really the room... *like i almost went inside there.. but THANK GOD!!! okay.... that is the WRONG ROOM!!

thank god i didnt went inside cause if i went inside then i would get all klutzy and look stupid

anw. i want to make sure so i ask a guard at 3rd floor where math class is .. he said its on 2nd floor on "room 213"

ok and i am super thankfully i didnt get inside that ROOM

after past 10:30 its time to go home... i went first at the canteen and eat.. errrr.. alone jizzzz...
by god.. im still frosh and i didnt know anyone there... so anw. i order at "the noodle house"

the shomai (i wonder if i spelled it right) .. when i ordered it i didn't know it comes with a certain noodle and mongo. i was eating with chopsticks i got really excited haha so anw

the shome is really good and really delicious but i when i started eating the noodles .... ..




i force my self eating it.. its a waste if i throw it away jizz..

TASTE LIKE GRASS! and im not eating that ever again!

and i just can't wait to blog about this video that my sis showed to me last night

OMG! you guys gotta watch this!! its sooooo FREAKING FUNNY!! i laughed to the max.

this is "Facebook in reality"

and this is another funny video.. by happyslip and kevjumba (famous youtuber's)

this video is entitled "Put it in Purse"

its so funny!!!! the mom thing was happyslip aka christine pretending to be a "mom" okay so its really funny cause when the "mom" said

"put it in Purse" - what she meant was put it in first *corrected by my starbucks-drinking-sister . anw its really funny.. especially when the mom said

"*mom raging*...calm down"

"calm down?! you calm down.. don't tell me to be calm"


this is another video on the productions of kevjumba:

"Asians just aren't cool enough"

hell nooooo! watch this video okay... and before i sign out...

i just wanna say

SCREW MILEY CYRUS! who did she think she is... even if she famous, she does't have the right to judge....

anw... let me know what you think

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