updated w/ new blog layout!

HELLO! back with a new bloglayout ... im lovin' it to the MAX! just so you know everything is credited already.. if i missed you, do let me know.

the navigation at the top is cool (for me) but the thing w/o color kinda look pixelated, the hover effect w/ color may take some time to load so do wait for it

i work my butt out for it so please dont rip it okay? and have some originality dont copy how i design my stuffs..

my blog is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox~ and i think a bit screwed in Internet Explorer... haizz.. I SO HATE IE! it sucks! last time i was an avid fan of IE and now im throwing my words out!


actually im not quite sure of that.. my blog looks different in every IE i use.. i use my dad's comp and use his IE browser and it looks fine but the table at the right side has a border in it..

but in my comp (IE) EVERYTHING is screwed! my table width is definitely out of control!

HATE HATE IE! (1000000000000x)

today is our 3rd Mastery Test, we were quite early then those of the other year. and i walked home from school with isabel and shel.. we stopped over at Green Valley to buy food! i bought ice tea lemon and a bag of chips but i do prefer eating chocolates when i study

blah blah

im so desperate for a Twilight Book right now! HUHUHU!
i say this 100 times, can a twilight book pop right infront of me? nyahaha

ive gone to all of the freakin jarir bookstore and its all "OUT OF STOCK" except for the "New Moon", "Eclipse", and "Breaking Dawn"

my mom's flight to phil is 15 days from now..so i hope that my mom will give me the twilight book of my sis there is phils since she have already read it



this is the pits! i left my physics book at the school! and tomorrow is our physics test! HUHUHU..
it contains formulas about Fc and i only know quite a few of it. but tomorrow im gonna wake up early for sure


won an award at tash's blog!

-thanks ^_^ the banner is really nice

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