begging for a font and a story

woooh! im finish taking my USTET ... anw i hope i pass..

we take up 4 different sections:

test 1 - the common-sense test (thats what i call it)
test 2 - Engligh
test 3 - Math
test 4 - Science

and for the test 5 is only for those who will take up fine arts, architecture, interior design, advertising arts or whatever stuff that is an art haha

interior design was only my 2nd choice and for the test 5 (multiple choice) is easy.. yeah it is.. but when we were ask to draw something its harder than i thought..

cause i dont know HOW to draw! when i know but its been a long time since i draw something.. so yeah i did forgot..

i take up interior design so i was ask to draw a chair and a table which is a 3 dimensional one..
so you could imagine my drawing! REALLY HORRIBLE!

anyway.. after the USTET.. me and isay walk home from school cause (only half day and no school bus) when we were about to walk home isay litter on the school grounds *bwahahaha* she drop the kunuz pack somewhere in the plant areas so if you found it .. it belongs to isay *evil laugh* bwahahaha.. we should be a good citizen oh well.. i do that sometimes when im tired to find the trash can haha...

oh well.. so then i made a new button for my weblog but its still temporary cause i was planning to make it an animaiton one but then lazy-lady struck me..look at it at my sidebar..
horrid right? and my FONTS SUCKS! huhuhu... i miss my "ambitsek" font!
who has it? can email me? or maybe email me any other fonts please please please *begs* will really appreciate it if you donate ^_____^

Donate A Font To Steph

heres a story taken from here from blogskins forum~ super funny.. it was a 4 word story and i just happen to combine them all and the story keep twisting.. so i think that whats make this thing weird but funny:

i'm out of love missed you like hell you chased after me and i bang into a wall on the empty, quiet, deserted stree and ate a toe Then threw it up because it tasted sweet. i rode my pig which ate my mom i kill it and unfortunately it still lived and it tried eating sweet honey chicken rice but it choked on wasabi soft shell crab ... so it aimed me. and during Physics class it came chasing after my poor innocent teacher who loves to eat female roasted honey pig that loves to fart hence global warming is getting much much worse hence we must start to do something now so that we can save our mother earth.

Let us start by stop having examinations and tell all the teachers to stop their farting. Physics is so great and I am so happy but then i failed but its a miracle i passed the rest and from then on i surprise myself everytime by failing my physics. i say: no exams! so everyone turned stupid even those nerdy teachers. including myself so I started to murder everyone. the judge sentenced me and i got into to go help farmers piles of deep shit thinking it was chocolate, and then i realised no it wasn't chocolate it actually's deep shit and it smashed right beneath my disgusting nostrils. i soon begin to feel very dizzy and ..
sniff in the aroma the smell was unique .. and i almost fainted into another piece of shit luckily someone caught me he wasn't strong enough and i fell right down pulling him along to carry me up, our eyes suddenly met under the deep shit. the smell reached them but they didn't notice they were in love. They went on dates with zombies tagging along they ate them up. everyone got eaten up. and thats the end .

-and the story changed into barney story- haha.. but i don't want to post the barney story here.. kinda tired just click the link above

btw ive joined contests:

next topic... ^_^ anq... i was reading my past blog entries and it made me laugh..
read my december 2007 blog entries .. that month i was super addicted to deathnote and for January 2008 was another side of me (slack, stupid and sleepy me)

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