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made a new button for my blog ... kinda sucks though.. but im satisfied with it.. so anw yesterday... my dad turn back on the "Time Restrictions" for my computer ~bah! so pissed but i think its helpful for me...

yesterday i was freakin' pissed ca use i didnt know my dad turn back the "TR" so there i was blissfully making my button .. i opened my adoble photoshop CS3.. got online at 9:30pm then make an animated button, got over 30 plus layers then out of the blue the computer shut down by itself, i noticed that the time was exactly 10:00pm then i though maybe my dad put back the TM again huhuhu!! i waste my energy and time for making that button and it just go down the drain T_T like what the hell!

i just froze in my computer and my hands were still in the keyboard and as if i was typing something at the comp. but my mind is roving somewhere else thinking my comp. is still on.. huhuhu... leaving me high and dry of all the nerve

the thing should have a warning or something !!

i can go online between 7pm-10pm if school days only.. if not then i can go online any time i want haha...

thanks for the people (agnes,lisa,cherie and to all the people who tag me about it) who help me find the "ambitsek" font! ^_^ gladly appreciate it

so anw.. today uhmmm... at school there was a career thing about UST and letran ..

and so on and so forth...... hahaha...
what the hell to blog about that anw...

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