academic contest + charity org.

today was our academic contest ~ well in fairness my lil bro and his team mates (i only remember paul - one of his team mates) won the 1st place or they are the champion in the math quiz bee.

my lil bro loves math so much..

~oh hell i haven't won anything haha but that doesn't bother me since i don't care much about those stuffs haha ..

and today was also our general-cleaning AND putting Christmas-deco-in-our-classroom day.. i haven't really helped that much in general cleaning and christmas deco but i did contribute a piece of ribbon (p/s the ribbon isn't JUST a ) its a really nice ribbon for the Christmas tree .


i dont feel like myself
i keep playing mobile games in my cellphone haha

feel like wanna slack around ~ im so lazy toodayy~~~~ and i dont feel like going to school tomorrow cause i dont know what to do there since tomorrow would still be the academic contest.. but i still have to go to school since i want to borrow the "silent hill" of clarrence haha..

i so want to watch that movie even though i know its one of a hecking scray movie haha...

on the mids of my slacking hours in school ive manage to help out clarrence's group work in physics.. i helped her even though she's in another section (senior-diligent) .. im just so bored. so yeah i helped her do it since she was absent yesterday .. i helped her cut the a medium sized circle in the side of the shoebox using a pair of scissors and in the mids of doing it i haven't realized i cut myself (my index finger) up to know my finger still hurts ..

then raichelle saw us so she volunteer to help us also, after that we pass our work thing-a-mabob

clarrence got another situation again she needs help in selling the bracelets and Chritmas cards to anyone who wants it.. and for a good cause its for the charity in the phil.

so then yeah.. raichelle,me and clarrence roam around the school and ask some parents if they wanna buy it and suprisingly they bought it.. weeee

raichelle did all the talking and so is clarrence and i just wanna hold the bracelets and cards cause i prefer not to talk ..

then heaven and heaven's lil sister joined in and help us sell the "things"

at the end of the day... it was all worth it.. all the things is sold out except some of the bracelets.
and we had fun and actually

like what friends are for anyway?

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