Happy Halloween!

Aiyoooooo!! ive just found out that many people are ripping my "Pop up message" why?
can't you find it out yourself like how i found it!!
i know what my codes are like thats why i know if you rip me or not!
ive change some thing to the codes thats why i can recognize mine

SO STOP! STOP RIPPING!! originality okay?!!!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! or All saints day

today the air is quite chilly already and thats a good news cause WINTER is coming!!!!!
yes! im EXCITED! why? cause i dont have to where my school uniform!!!!


anw... after i go online for 2 hours ill study for our up coming ustet.. hehe ... i xerox about 2 inch thick of paper..

anyway... heres some picture of ISAY's mom cookings of halloween cupcakes!!! YUMMY TO THE MAX!!

scary eyes cupcake

Finger cake
the blood thing is a cherry

Ghost cupcake
nice huh?

Pumpkin cupcake

Jack O cupcake

Spider cupcake

OMG! i won first place at mariankiwi's contest @ lemonlimedesu
wow! gosh ! i didnt expect that i would win.

and look! the banner is irresistibly awesome!!!

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