moving... to steff.choco-drops.com

sorry for the going MIA this days.. ive been busy editing my wp...
so anyway. im here to say that i will not be blogging from here anymore, ive moved to another blogging tool called "Wordpress"

so yeah.. its been a success that i've manage to finish the layout at wp
i thank my hostee- ate hershey for hosting me at wp.

and oh btw. i didn't put a tagboard at my new blog so if you want to comment anything about a certain post. just click the "comment" okays ^_^ and

please do comment

and i do link exchange


doesn't mean that ive moved and not using this blog anymore means you can rip my layout. STILL. DO NOT RIP THIS LAYOUT OF MINE HERE IN BLOGSPOT

ill decided myself if i want to submit it or not

& please don't rip my smilies

and sorry for not replying your tags maybe you can comment at my wp and ask something ill reply back ASAP

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