shopping at kika

dunno where to begin uhmmm.. lemme see yesterday we went to the mall and buy stuffs at kika..
and pretty satisfied with what we bought there..
pictures are worth thousands of words right? so let the pictures do the talking
bought this chair and its super cute and comfy to sit

and this floor mat

i love the blue one.. the flower may look weird in the picture but it looks super kawaii in personal though i prefer the pink one but my mom insist on the green color maybe coz theres a shade of yellow on the flower.. my mom loves yellow and i dont know why..

i also bought a jacket last week using my own money since anw last week and this week there was an ultimate megasale on Mall of dharan .. sale up to 70%

back to present- shopping at kika

bought this really cool and nifty box~ its made of carton and i had to assemble it



inside the box i put all stuffs i treasue most

SneakPeak ▼

my lil brother also bought one for himself.. take a look..

bought also this earphones at the bookstore cause ive destroyed my previous one cause when i sleep i usually put my earphones on and listen to my ipod so that why it broke..

finally ive bought another latest issue of shout mag and with another free gift inside..
note: must be wise when picking a mag. some bookstores remove the free gift like in some branches jarir bookstore.. i got really pissed cause they remove it and so i didnt bought one there and decided to wait and see if theres another store that didnt remove the free gift.. thats when i got to "tamimi" i saw the shout mag with free gift inside.. HOORAY!

like they always say:

"Good things comes to those who wait"

ill now let you see whats inside the shout mag.

whats inside ▼

bought this cork board also haha.. i wish it would be a bit bigger but can't find at kika cause its all sold out.. will put here lots of memos, notes and memories

can made me a letter? haha.. wanna put it here though haha

my dad booked a flight to the philippines for my mom on november 30 then will be back her by december 30 cause of my sister there.. so yeah you must have guess these pictures are some pasalubong for my sis

and another thing was my mom cant stand the cold here.. last year was super duper cold.. i had to wear double jackets if i go out to school

and oh! also the flower floor mat is for my sis

random stuffs:

i collect every shirt tags that are nice.. its my hobby

this is the annoyed stupid rubiks cube ... my lil bro got solved the whole sides.. while me i can only solve one side only but i dont care haha

so anw..

today was my parents' wendding anniversary and tomorrow would be the birthday of my dad and taneem's b-day

added collection of the jughead comics

bought this contact lens last december (2007) i didnt manage to put them on since im having such a hard time and now the contacts is expired already

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