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okay.. so i decided to get involved in that facebook thing though i still prefer using flickr, ill tell you why after my brief intro in facebook

the first time i open and sign up at facebook is that it takes some time to load! and no, i am not a dial-up user, i am actually a DSL user and the other sites i've visited loads fast and that includes the flickr BUT facebook LOADS SUPER SLOW! wait i take that back haha!

i feel like i wanna close it but i wanna explore more of it cause i heard this "Pet Society" in facebook is nice daw~ its a game isn't it?? yeah ive found it at my sis's facebook

i dont know what to do there.. ~im just going with the flow haha..

wait! i find facebook interesting now haha!

anw i still think flickr is nice.. ill explain it to you

flickr has this not thing that you could stick it to your picture and voila! hover it ..

its like your commenting to that particular person or object.. its really nice.

actually i dont know what the hell im talking about . to visit my flickr a/c and facebook look at my sidebar

look at my shelfari!!! i love my online shelff soooo much!

my online shelf! love it ~

Hello my name is “Payback” They call me “Karma” for short I’m the one we all rely on To settle the score…
Won the battle you may But the war is far from done And when you least expect it Is when it’s my turn to have my fun…
You’ll soon see what it feels like To have it done to you Humble I will make you Before this night is through…
So before you think of hurting Another don’t forget That it is “I” that they call “Karma” But it is “YOU” who will regret

- currently still asking permission to my dad to install the ftp-

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