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today isay (the one who made those halloween cupcakes) and her mom made kawaii cupcakes!~
i saw the soo kawaii cupcakes on her digital camera and its really really (1,000,000x) kawaii!
i should post the pictures here but isay cant go online .

she just called me on the phone today and let me pick which cupcake i want!
wooohhh! ill bring my camera tomorrow for sure!

next week would be our 3rd mastery test... we planned up that by the end of the test, we will go to isay's house and make cupcakes there!! but i still dont know if my parents would let me go to my friend's house

anw you can visit isay's blog here (thefluffycotoncandy)

so anw.. today isay teach me on solving the rubik's cube... haha

next topic..
i actually cant decide if i should get a haircut or not.. but ive been planning to make my hair long well... not that long..

huhuhuhuhu... i cant DECIDE!


took some quiz i found at amelia's blog

This Page is Rated

i dont know what the heck a rated G is means


haha! i love bblogging!

took another quiz.. "what do my stars say about me"

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

haha good kisser?? .. like whatever... the 4-13th sentence is i think true haha!

This Page For Keywords
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Reward $2160

my blog is worth $2160! that much? haha.. even if someone will pay me that i wont sell my blog to anyone wahaha

wanna share something with you all

women vs men ▼

adopted from wendy

haha.. i think its quite true

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