school play

i just got back from watching our school play the "Hiblang Abo" and the "Oli Impan"

so im gonna start my entry starting from the day i got to school

Isabel gave us another batch of their home made kawaii cupcakes! isay and shel made them
here is the pictures. (figures molded by isay)

we had the elimination of the spelling bee contest..

after our elimination i ate 2 breads with the hotdog sauced up with mayonnaise i bought from our school canteen... so anw after our english time i ate the buns with hotdog .. just after i ate it i can hear and feel that my tummy is churning .. (that time we had an elimination for the science academic contest) ...

i was answering it with my head on the table and my hand on my tummy, i felt really dizzy and suddenly had the urge to got to the loo...


after i got out.. my head is spinning and when i tried walking to my class, my vision blurred out.. i can hardly see where im going, good thing my class is just straight away from the restroom .. halfway across our classroom.. my vision got worse, its ALL BLUR and everything i see is all pixelated - yeah you heard me right and i can hardly hear also, i panic and instead of slowing down i ran straight to my classrom - of corz i run.. what do you actually think i would blanked out and pathetically fall of the floor ..haha!

so anw.. i rushed to my classroom and toke a rest there and good thing im back to normal!

i bet the one who made me this is the "bread with hotdog sauced up with mayonnaise" that i bought from our school canteen made me like this!


im quite stressed right now.. i practically did nothing there.. at the very start of the play we were quite excited.
and yes, at the beinging of the play it's really nice and you have the feeling of being intensed..

then i thought the play is actually nice but i got bored watching its due to that we seniors should sit at the back ~GAH!
i get all drowsy and feel like want to sleep.. and just so you know, there was a mic error.. so some of the actors there i cant hear
what they are actually sayin' ... they mumble some mumbo jumbo and all i hear is "blah blah blah"

i think the play is actually nice but the microphone errors ruined everything!

so anw

"there would be replay tomorrow for all students for free"

- i think they had a reply cause last time there were lots of errors..

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