what a day..

ive reached my bandwi... errrr... is it a width? bandwidth? HAHA!

so i made a new one... i also didn't know photobucket had limits in the images.. *that just suck*


feb **** - (i forgot the day) would be our 3rd mastery test
feb 20 - our juniors & senior prom ~
march 20 - GRADUATION DAY!!
march 24 - HOME SWEET HOME!! 9 hours flight back to philippines + 2 hours to get to our province

our prom is actually different from others .. i was hoping for something more simple and with no parents hahaahaha! anw..

and on the entrance thing we had to go down one by one with a boy partner in a VERY VERY LONG STAIRS in a hotel!!

what happens if accidentally tripped over?

- would get a broken neck and leg plus get to be the laughing stock for the whole year -_-

anw.. ill show the stairs that im talking about when we get to the hotel during our practice

im looking forward for the seniors night! wooh! haha!!!



anyone care for some delicious chocolate pooshakes?

+ = chocolate pooshakes

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