Random Acts of Kindness

ive been busy lately because of my physics projects .. dang! we were told that to do a cut-off video relating to physics. and i am currently on it.

anw. this would only be a short post (i think)

as for my blog title "Random acts of kindness" ... yesterday me and my friend exchange gifts in pet society when my pet society suddenly disconnect and the next thing i now when i look at my chest i got 2 lip loungers (like wow) -i believe its one of pet society's glitch

at first i thought about selling it cause actually the resell price is 6,666 coins and i could already buy one stainless steel stove for that but instead i gave it to my friend, she needs it more than i do.. im not really that greedy especially when i comes to my friends. but if a person is being greedy to me i too shall turn back the favor and be greedy to him/her too

yup. you might think i regret the whole thing but to be honest ~im didn't.

the whole miracle thing suddenly happened to me the day after that which is today. i logged in my ps and the ps forum as usually when suddenly someone gave me a teddy bear and a robot and was given to me by a really generous player "yahoo" - was her pet's name

and at noon jim-ba-bob gave me a piano and an elegant door and someone leave me a message if i would like a turkey doll

omg. huhuhu.. they are so kind and generous

talk about that.. you wouldn't really know what would happen to you especially when your being kind and generous to other pets out there .. its like a miracle to me somehow..

hope this blog entry of mine inspires you and to all ps players out there

--- skip skip skip---

i turn my pet ugly!!


(my pet got electrocuted)

i would love to see your pet turn ugly too basically i need a good laugh.

do tag me at my tagboard if you done so

you dont have to do the whole thing and pay for it.. just give the pet society's STYLIST a visit and do some changing (DO NOT PAY FOR IT) hit print screen which is located at the upper right corner and paste it into your "PAINT" then save it to .png

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